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Bio-Logic Science Instruments SAS is a French designer and manufacturer of high performance laboratory research instruments and software. Founded in 1983, the headquarters are based in Seyssinet-Pariset, France (close to Grenoble in the French Alps).

Bio-Logic is a rapidly growing global company with affiliate offices as Bio-Logic USA, Bio-Logic India, Bio-Logic Middle East and Bio-Logic Spain, Bio-Logic Singapore, Bio-Logic UK and has a large and growing network of worldwide distributors (with representatives in most large and developing countries).

Bio-Logic SAS has designed instruments for a variety of domains and applications:

·        Electrochemistry

·        Rapid-Kinetics, Spectroscopy & Photosynthesis

·        Battery & energy devices testing

·        Fuel cell tester

·        Materials testing

·        Electrochemical Scanning systems

Bio-Logic’s team is continuously innovating and developing pioneer solutions to enable our customers in their research.



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A global solution for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), electrolyser (SOEC) & high temperature electrochemical devices

Over the past nine years, Fiaxell has developed processes for cell fabrication, specialty screen printing inks, flexible testing devices for high temperature measurements and has now provided customers worldwide

To complement our core competences, we identified highly skilled manufacturers of electronics (power supply & EIS), kilns, gas control, liquid management, gas detection, hydrogen generators and are working closely with them.

Fiaxell is thus now in the position to provide a complete turnkey solution for all your high temperature development challenges.

A quick overview of our product range is presented in the four categories below. For more information, do not hesitate to send us an email at info@fiaxell.com.



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HTDS is the exclusive distributor of leader and pioneer brands in electrochemistry and materials research: Princeton Applied Research, Signal Recovery (formerly EG&G) and Solartron Analytical (AMETEK Group) and PalmSens.

Our main products are potentiostats / galvanostats, battery testers, frequency response analyzers, lockc-in amplifiers and surface imaging & scanning systems.

Our solutions are dedicated to the main fields of application in electrochemistry: corrosion studies, energy storage, nanotechnologies, sensors, electrochemical research, imaging and surface digitization...



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SUGINO is a machine manufacturer in Japan. We develop, design and manufacture ultrahigh-pressure water jet equipment, wet jet dispersing device, laboratory dry mill, Biomass nanofibers, etc.

“Star Burst” is wet-milling/dispersing equipment to disperse, emulsify, exfoliate and delaminate materials by high speed jet flow from a diamond nozzle. Star Burst is the ideal partner in the development of advanced materials and high-tech products. Contact us for particle dispersion of carbon or ceramics powder, exfoliation of carbon nanotube, delamination of graphite or homogenization of polymers in water or organic solvent.




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