The  University of Nantes is organising the 8th International Conference on ”Fundamentals & Development of Fuel Cells FDFC2019, in Nantes, France, from February 12th to February 14th, 2019. Three laboratories are in fact involved in this organisation: LTEN (Laboratory of Thermal Sciences and Energy of Nantes), IMN (Institute of Materials of Nantes) and IREENA (Research Institute on Electrical Energy of Nantes-Atlantic).

The main topics at FDFC2019 will address fuel cells and electrolysers, ranging from fundamentals of electrochemistry to systems operation. Recent advances in materials, single cells, stacks and system development, as well as fuel cell diagnosis, power processing and control, characterisation of MEA, will be also presented during the conference.

At a larger scale, the conference will also address the advancement of hydrogen production and storage for different applications, as well as the role and the potential impact of fuel cells and hydrogen on grid operation and cities. Besides presenting scientific and technical advances, the conference is designed to instigate insightful discussions and networking between scientists, laboratories, research institutes, decision makers, fuel cells suppliers, component manufacturers and industrial end-users. Exhibitions will be held during the conference, giving an excellent opportunity for fuel cell material and hardware suppliers as well as manufacturers to advertise their products and to present them to future users.


The three-days FDFC2019 conference will be held right at the heart of the city of Nantes at La Cité Nantes Congress Center (https://lacite-nantes.com/). In addition to our sessions including plenary lectures and exhibitions, several social events will provide excellent opportunities for discussion and networking in a relaxed atmosphere.


Fuel Cell & Electrolysis Technologies:  Components, Materials and Design
Modelling, Control and Optimization 
Systems, Balance of Plant and Integration
Diagnosis, Prognosis, Durability and Lifetime Improvement
Hydrogen Storage


Clean Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles
Energy Efficiency- Buildings and CHP
Portable Applications, Back-Up Power, Light Traction and Auxiliary Power Units
Storage of Renewable Energy (Systems, H2 Infrastructure)
Environmental Impact, Safety, Markets and Policy Issues

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